The SQL MAX function is a built-in function in SQL (Structured Query Language) that is used to return the maximum value of a given column in a database table. The MAX function can be used with any data type including numeric, date, and string.


The syntax of the MAX function is as follows:

SELECT MAX(column_name)
FROM table_name;

In this syntax, the MAX function is used to retrieve the maximum value of the specified column from the given table.


Let’s consider a simple example to demonstrate how the MAX function works in SQL. Consider the following table named “Training_Course”:


1 SQL 5 200
2 T-SQL 7 700
3 MySQL 5 600
4 PL/SQL 7 800
5 PostgreSQL 6 500

Suppose we want to find the maximum price from the table “Training_Course”. We can use the MAX function in SQL as follows:

select MAX(PRICE) from Training_Course;

The result of this query will be: 800

Also, the MAX function can be used with other SQL functions such as GROUP BY, WHERE, and HAVING clauses to get more specific results from a database table.

In conclusion, the SQL MAX function is a useful function in SQL that allows us to retrieve the maximum value of a specified column from a database table. It is a simple yet powerful function that can be used to make complex queries and generate insightful reports from a database.