The SQL SQRT function is a built-in mathematical function in SQL that returns the square root of a given numeric value. It is used to calculate the square root of a numeric value in a SQL statement.


The syntax for the SQRT function in SQL is as follows:


Here, the value parameter is the numeric value for which you want to calculate the square root. The value parameter can be a column name or a numeric value.


For example, suppose you have a table named employees with a column named salary, and you want to find the square root of the salary of each employee. You can use the SQL SQRT function as follows:

SQRT(salary) AS "Square Root of Salary"
FROM employees;

In the above SQL statement, the SQRT function is used to find the square root of the salary column for each employee in the employees table. The result set will include a column named “Square Root of Salary” that contains the square root of the salary of each employee.

It is important to note that the SQRT function can only be used with numeric values, and it will return a NULL value if the input parameter is negative. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the input parameter is always a positive numeric value when using the SQRT function in SQL.